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  My intent is to find the inherent truth and voice of the particular individual that the producer/director is looking for. Call Us : 410-703-6003
Email : Dhood@DuncanHood.com
 Commercial Spots
Straight Commercials
Over a hundred spots for local, regional, and national advertisers of all kinds, including banks, dental practices, car dealerships, food chains, restaurants, fast food chains, you name it!
Full Commercial Demo
Jupiter Communications
Johnson & Johnson
Prudential Bache Securities
Eagle Brand Snacks
General Mills
"Sorry, Wrong Number"
Domaine SanMichele?
Grady's Restaurant
Beamish Stout
"Joe & Eddie"
 Narrations & Readings
Narration: Highlights from my many narrations include (among others):
  • Educational pieces for the American Chemical Society, International Student Aid Foundation and SciTech Classroom Science Series.
  • Training pieces for the US Army, National Institutes of Health, United States Postal Service and Westinghouse Defense Services.
  • Documentary pieces for Animal Planet News, the Discovery Channel, Disney, and Port Discovery Children's Museum in Baltimore.
Full Narration Demo
The Discovery Channel's
"Animal Planet News"
Boston's Museum of Science
The American Chemical Society
The Ballad of Chewed Ear
by Robert Service
by Sterling North
"Just So Stories / The Whale's Throat"
by Rudyard Kipling
 Political Spots
Full Political Demo
Hard Edged
Gray Davis
Mat Amarillo
Jim Bunning
Ben Nighthorse Campbell
David Beasly
Pat Leahy
Joe Malone
 Cartoons & Characters
Character Commercials:
As a character voice, I get called to do a number of accents, attitudes and quirky characters from surfer-dudes to old crotchety men & women to refrigerators, trees, streams, cars, tires, chickens, cheese, well, you get the idea. Accents include English, Southern, Maine, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Irish, Italian, Pakistani, German, Japanese within a pretty wide range of attitudes that you might be looking for.
  • The first thing you will need to do is to decide how you would like to hear my samples. You can download a file in .MP3 format and it will begin to play automatically on your computer. This method will give you a file to keep on your computer if you wish, but you will have to wait a few seconds while the download occurs before you can hear it.
  • The second method of sampling is to hear a "streaming" file. This is a file that plays as it comes across the wire to you. In order to do this, you will need a streaming player. I use RealAudio's player which is available for free. All you need to do is download the file and install it on your computer. It will take about 5 minutes initially. After that you will be able to hear streaming audio files automatically and quickly. Real Audio (RA) is an industry standard, and if you will be browsing sounds, it will be very valuable to you to have it installed on your computer.
Kentucky Fried Chicken
(The chicken voice)
Furniture Depot
(surfer dude)
Harvard Community Health Plan
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda