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  My job is to make the product and the producer look as good as possible, and that is exactly what's been happening, every year in every session, since I started. Call Us : 410-703-6003
Email : Dhood@DuncanHood.com
Video Games
Political Spots
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 Television/Radio : (among others)
  VoiceWork National, regional and local, including:
Sail USA Host PBS/Greenmount Productions
Animal Planet News Announcer Discovery Channel Series
Pres. Council on Physical Fitness Spokesman LeiboWrites Productions
United Way Host Vanderpool Films
 Commercial / Industrial: (among others)
  VoiceWork National, regional and local, including:
USPS "Statistical Subsampling" Featured United States Postal Service
Educational Chemical Education Series Narrator American Chemical Society
American Assn of Retired Persons Narrator Associated Productions
Westinghouse Defense Systems Narrator Westinghouse Corp.
MD Dept Natural Resources Narrator Sparks Productions
US Army Narrator United States Army
News/Africa News Caster Voice of America
 Film: (among others)
  VoiceWork National, regional and local, including:
That Night MR Mcreary Warner Bros.
Maryland, the Place for You Featured MD Dept. Of Tourism
Talking to Strangers Derelict Baltimore Film Factory
The Sleeping Beauty Dr. Kalmer Gemini Productions
 Stage: (among others)
A New Brain Dr. Berenstein Studio Theater / DC
Macbeth Ross / Porter Performance Workshop Theater / Balt.
Dancing at Lughnasa / Sly Fox / Angel Street Michael / Jethro Crouch / Inspector Rough Colonial Players
A Funny Thing Happened..Forum (x2) Hysterium Pascal Theater / Ches. Music Hall
Big River Pap & King Petrucci's Dinner Theater
Move Over Mrs. Markham Walter MD Traveling Repertory Theater
Pioneer Women/Patriots All Narr./Musician Voices Repertory Company
Cabaret / Pirates of Penzance Emcee/ Maj General Pascal Theater
A Christmas Carol Scrooge Chesapeake Music Hall
 Vocal Performance: (among others)
  VoiceWork National, regional and local, including:
Cleveland Orchestra Chorus Bass Cleveland Orchestra
Up With People! Performer/Host Up With People! Inc.
TV/Radio/lndustrials/Film Char./Announcer CD available upon request
Solo/Trio Lead Vocalist/Writer Nationwide
  VoiceWork National, regional and local, including:
Classical Technique & Analysis Michael Kahn Shakespeare Theater at the Folger
Master of Fine Arts   American University
Television/Film Technique Bud Pezet Washington D.C.
Commercial / Narrative Technique Liz Noone / Dick Orkin / Marice Tobias New York City / Los Angeles
 Special Talents
12 & 6 string guitar, Sailing, Skiing, Singing